The great launch: Overcoming the inertia (Welcome to my new blog!)

“3! 2! 1!”
“Rocket away!!!”

That’s a typical rocket launch scene. If you haven’t observed one before, then watch this one rocket launch video. You’ll notice something interesting as you watch the rocket ascend into the sky.

At its launch (and some minutes after), a rocket somewhat “struggles” at about mid-air, and then travels swiftly after attaining a certain altitude and speed. You know why that’s so? Basically, as a rocket travels in an upward direction against gravity, it must build up enough momentum (with escape velocity) while fighting its way up to escape the inertia imposed by gravity.

“Where are you going with this whole rocket launch scene?” – you may ask. (Stay with me for a moment.)

Have you ever desired to start something quite daunting yet significant, but then you keep holding back? May be you have always wanted to – launch a website or blog, write a book, start up a business, begin a journey to becoming a public speaker, and so forth – but you still haven’t gained the momentum required to escape the gravitational pull of fear, procrastination or diffidence that’s restraining you from firing off like a rocket. If that’s you – you are not alone. We may have been victims to that at some point but it’s time to break free.

Today, I am so delighted officially launching – Hily World – which I intend to use as a platform to ginger and motivate people. I will be covering mostly personal and professional development as well as faith, and possibly other relevant life categories once in a while. In addition, with this platform I intend to stimulate my audience’s reading habit through the book reviews I`ll be sharing as well.

I had always wanted to get started off on a similar project like this one, but I kept pushing it back and giving myself excuses even though I was convinced that I had something really beneficial to share. Nonetheless, I have woken up to the reality that although we may give 1000 excuses for our inaction, we have no justifiable reason for it. Gladly, I have jettisoned every excuse, shut up every fear and followed through with this commitment as I also strive to do with others. I invite you to do the same.

You can achieve literally anything you can visualize in your mind and believe in your heart. All you have to do is to – “decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work” – as H. L. Hunt once put it.

It is about time you break free from that inertia – whatever it is to you. (You can do this!)

Take action
1. What one dream have you always wanted to actualize but yet haven’t taken any action to achieve it?
2. What is holding you back for achieving it?
3. Figure out the first step that you must take to achieve that dream then commit to doing it at once by a fixed date.

To your great launch!

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