What’s your “moneyview”?

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” – said Anais Ain. In other words, what we see is dependent on the lens (i.e. our thinking and perspective) through which we view things. And the way we view and interpret things determines how we interact with or handle them. For example, if you view the world as a party, you’ll likely live a fun-filled and relaxed life. In fact, you’ll likely act the same way in virtually every area of your life just because that’s how you view the world i.e. your “Worldview” per se. How about the way you view money – what will that be called? “Moneyview” (That’s right!) In their book, Financial Fitness: The offense, defense, and playing field of personal finance, New York Times bestselling authors Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward share 10 Moneyviews that exist out there. According to the authors, an individual’s moneyview has a direct relationship with how financially successful that person is.

That said, here are the 10 Moneyviews:
1. Money as a Motivator: This is the case where money is used as a tool to spur one toward achieving great accomplishments at work, in the community or in life. Ultimately, one should be motivated by one’s life purpose and goals, and can use money to achieve those objectives.
2. Money as a Maximizer: Individuals with this moneyview use money to maximize their potential as they help other do the same. They practice long-term vision, delay gratification and take advantage of the compounding effect of money especially when making financial decisions to enable them live their dreams.
3. Money as a Mystery: Because they know nothing about money, i.e. how it is made and managed, those with this moneyview see financially successful people as being lucky. To them, making money is a matter of luck.
4. Money as a Master: People in this category live enslaved by money. They feel they have to work all their life to pay bills and debts. And they fixate on their lack of money, thinking they’ll never have enough money to afford their wants.
5. Money as a Monster: This is the case where money issue (as in lack of money) becomes so severe that it now affects an individual’s emotion as well as their relationship with others even their loved ones. It is basically a more dire state of #4 – Money as a Master.
6. Money as a Major: Those with this moneyview have an unquenchable obsession for acquiring money. They’d do anything to make more money even if it means putting their character at stake because money has become their idol.
7. Money as a Manipulator: Individuals with this perspective ride on the saying that money is power. They use their money to make other people do their biddings.
8. Money as a Minimizer: This is the situation where, upon acquiring enough money, an individual becomes complacent about pursuing their dreams and life goals.
9. Money as a Monument: Those in this category use money as an element of prestige and are concerned about making a name for themselves with their wealth.
10. Money as a Menace: In this case, people utilize their money to cause havoc and harm to themselves and to others. They lavish their money on unhealthy things such as addictions and conflicts.

According to the authors, successful people adopt the moneyview – Money as a Maximizer i.e. #2. #1 can also be positive and healthy as well if used right.

Take action:
What’s your moneyview? If it is one of #3 – #10, consider taking a step to adopt the positive ones i.e. #1, #2. To learn more about those moneyviews check out the book.

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