Crushing that job interview – Part 3: After the interview

This article is the last of the 3-part series on “Crushing that job interview”. Part 1 focused on tips to consider before the interview and Part 2 revealed some nuggets for during the interview. This article, being Part 3, will deliver some tips to consider after the job interview.

1. Reflect on your performance: It is imperative that you spend some time to examine how well you did at the interview. Ponder on questions you answered remarkably well and those you didn’t, behaviors you thought were awkward (maybe you were always gazing at a picture on the wall that you were inattentive to the interviewer), and those you believed you deserve some interview points for. Determine what you plan to do differently on your next interviews and what you plan to discard.
Also, take time to seek out answers or responses to questions you were unable to answer satisfactorily or questions you couldn’t answer at all. You never know what questions you will get asked on the next interview; perhaps same or similar interview questions.
Moreover, if you really want to perform better at interviews then you probably don’t want to miss this action step. By evaluating your performance at the end of each interview you will be tracking the growth of your interviewing skills. Consequently, you will only get better and better at interviews because whatever you track improves.
2. Don’t forget the “Thank you” email: It is a good idea to send your interviewer a “Thank you” email after the interview, appreciating the individual for his or her time. You should do this within 24 hours of the interview. Keep in mind that this won’t guarantee you the job. But then it doesn’t hurt to be courteous and you never know what will happen next.
3. Notify your references: If you had been asked to provide references, be sure to remind your references about the position so they don’t get caught unaware when they get called.
4. Don’t quit: No matter how you think the interview went, don’t take it too personal and don’t give up. If you need to apply to more jobs that’s fine. Just do what you need to do to raise your chances of getting hired.

I hope you find the 3-part series on “Crushing that job interview” helpful. By the way, if you are just starting out on a new care journey, I am sure you will find this article useful How to thrive in today’s fast-paced workplace environment. I wish you all the best on your future job interviews and on your career journey. 🙂

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