Financial Fitness: The offense, defense, and playing field of personal finance

It is usually a great feeling being physically fit; carrying the ideal weight on and having a superb physique (especially six-pack abs for the guys). Your self-confidence will undoubtedly shoot up to the ceiling. In the same light, picture the feeling of being financially fit. I mean knowing how to accumulate wealth that you eventually never have to worry about money. If you’ve always dreamt about it and will like to know how to become financially fit, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward show how in their book – Financial Fitness: The offense, defense, and playing field of personal finance.

Right from the introduction, Financial Fitness reveals its intention to educate its readers not on a “get the rich quick” scheme but on financial fitness. The difference between the two is clear. Having little or no knowledge on the workings and principles of money, someone who run with a “get rich quick” scheme is likely to blow away their wealth just as quickly as they’d amassed it. On the other hand, an individual who is financially fit practices the principles of financial fitness as a lifestyle, knows how money works, and how to use it wisely. Consequently, such person will eventually enjoy prosperity and wealth as he/she keeps doing the right things. In addition, the book aims to teach its readers how to escape the Financial Matrix, a term it uses to describe the financial system that ensnares individuals into massive debt. In short, Financial Fitness shows how to get financial fit in order to break free from the force of the Financial Matrix.

Fitness Fitness surely fulfilled its objectives. It covers the issue of money from three main viewpoints. One, the defense – how to save, budget and get out of debt. Two, the offense – how to make money. Three, the playing field – how money works and how to understand economics (the financial system, in essence). The book also lays out 47 solid principles of financial fitness and provides anecdotes of individuals whose lives have been transformed by those principles.

The authors of this book exemplify success especially in the area of financial fitness. Chris Brady is founder, CEO, and Creative Director of LIFE Leadership. He is a New York Times bestselling author with his books having sold over two millions copies in over 8 different languages. Chris has received a several outstanding awards and recognition including # 39 on Inc. magazine’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts (2014), Top 200 Most Influential authors in the World, and many others. The co-author, Orrin Woodward is founder and Chairman of the Board of LIFE Leadership. His book And Justice for All won him a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the Largest Book Signing. He is also the author of a couple other successful books which in total have sold over a million copies in six languages. Orrin was ranked #20 on Inc. magazine’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts in 2014 and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award while serving as an engineer in his early career.

Personally, this is the most interesting and informative book on finance I have ever read. The principles of financial fitness stacked in the book are very priceless, practical and powerful (I literally have them pasted on a wall in my bedroom). The book also contains a gob of grass-to-grace stories of notable individuals (including the authors) all of which I found inspiring, proving again the validity of the principles. In addition, Financial Fitness comes with a workbook that guides the readers on implementing the financial fitness principles; talk about being practical!

If you will like to know how to become financial healthy and how to set yourself as an example for others in this regard as you help them as well, then Financial Fitness is for you.

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You have the power to become financially fit and healthy and to make an impact in the world around you. Financial Fitness can help. Grab your copy!

To your financial health!

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