Understanding, releasing and maximizing your potential

Do you understand what you are capable of doing? Do you know about those hidden talents and abilities that are dormant in you, screaming to be unleashed? Right! Do you know how to release and maximize your full potential? If you responded ‘yes’ to any one of those questions, cheer up because I’ve got good news for you. Dr. Myles Munroe’s 3-book series on potential – Understanding your potential, Releasing your potential, and Maximizing your potential – will undoubtedly have answers for you in those regards. In the 3-book series, Dr. Munroe laid out practical ways to help readers discover, expose and fully utilize their potential so they can leave this Earth with no potential untapped.

This 3-book series is aimed at helping the readers capture who they are, who the Source of potential is, what their true potential is, how to develop and unleash their true potential. The series also inform readers on the need to maximize their potential as well as provide pragmatic procedures on how to go about doing that as well as how they can guard against “potential-killers”. In short, the book series attempts to help the readers to become the best that God has made them to be.

The author is by all means very qualified to write on this topic. Dr. Myles Munroe was an international, motivational & transformational leader, teacher, speaker, preacher, evangelist and author. He is the author of about 38 books with about 16 of them hitting the bestselling list. Dr. Munroe founded the Bahamas Faith Ministry International which is a network of ministries; he was also an executive of other renowned organizations such as International Third World Leaders Association and International Leadership Training Institute which are focused on building leaders. He gave his lifetime to the study and teaching of leadership, vision, purpose, potential and the kingdom of God, and his life was a exemplary figure in those areas.

After reading the 3-book series back-to-back a while ago, my life was changed for the better. One part of the series that I found transformative, was where Dr. Munroe challenged his readers to recall that specific talent or ability which they had neglected because they felt they hadn’t succeeded well at it. At that point I felt he was speaking to me directly because I was right in that situation. I ended up heeding his call, and I felt very happy about myself that I did. All in all, the 3-book series truly taught me how to understand, release, and maximize my potential, and I actively strive to practise what I’ve learnt each day.

If you desire to understand, release, and maximize your true potential, then I highly recommend this 3-book series to you.

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If you’d like to become all that you were created to be, do all that you were designed to do, and give all that you were sent to Earth to give, consider grabbing a copy of this 3-book series on potential (Understanding your potential, Releasing your potential, and Maximizing your potential). You won’t be disappointed!

To the fulfillment of your potential!

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