“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~~ Napoloen Hill

I am a strong believer of the above quote; I strive to live each day by the truth that lies in the quote and to inspire others to do the same because truly –  you can achieve anything to which you commit yourself.

Hi there! I’m Franklin Hilary Ezenwa. Having graduated from University Of Windsor with Magna cum laude,  I hold a degree in Computer Science with specialization in software engineering. By profession, I am a cloud developer (fun stuff) at a reputable IT company.

I’m enthusiastic about working with  young people. While pursuing the university degree, I spent about 3.5 years mentoring students and guiding them toward achieving their academic goals. I have also served as a youth leader at church for an aggregate of about 4 years now and have had the privilege of speaking to different congregations. It’s that passion I have for young people that spurred me to begin writing and using my other gifts; I love to see them succeed.

Being passionate about Faith, career & technology, student life, and personal development, I devote time to blogging on those areas – both on this website and on others (that are referenced on this page) . I have a penchant for reading books – nonfiction books specifically. The concepts and ideas I glean from books, commingled with my personal experiences, make up a large portion of the articles I share – all with the intention of inspiring and motivating my readers.

Besides working, blogging, reading and writing I enjoy dancing – it’s a great way by which I express myself.

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